January Anecdotes

The times are comic. I am forgetting quite a few in this (re)collection.

Srinand and I decided to stage a walk-out after roll call one class. We stationed ourselves on a bench at silly point's distance from the door.
'When he faces the blackboard once, I'll go out and wait for you. When he turns his back again, you come out and we'll go together', said S.
'All right.'
All wasn't right. I hadn't anticipated the attack of nerves at the last moment. Excuses erupted in my skull at a good clip.
'Srinand, when we pass by the side of the next classroom they'll all watch us da. Their prof will see us and we'll be in trouble'
He gave me an icy eye.
'Gibber da you are.'
I changed my tactic.
'Magaa, if we walk out we'll be setting these freshies a bad example.'
He laughed through his nostrils.
'I shouldn't have planned this with you. Just walk out da.'
It was time to say the killer line.
'Macchaan, God is watching da.'
He put head to table in despair and dropped asleep.

Another day in AM110
'Can anybody quickly calculate the answer and tell me?', said the aged lecturer.
Answers flew in from all quarters.
'Seven fifty!'
'Eight twenty five!'
'Eight seventy five!'
Srinand: 'This is an auction or what? Nine seventy five!'

Some titles that attracted a second glance at the City Book Fair:
Mark Vaangalaam Vaanga!
God, Country and Coca-Cola.
Childless Couples.
Tell Me Everything.
Sex Exercise.
Swaarasyamaana Kindalgalum Naiyaandigalum.
Please, Mom, It's My Life!
Kala En Classmate.

HS 221
The first thing Swarnalatha ma'm did in the course was write on the blackboard 'So much depends upon a red wheelbarrow glazed with rainwater beside the white chickens' and have us interpret it. This should give you an idea of how weird her following classes came out to be. One day...
'Can someone volunteer for me? Yes... Nirmal... Tell me six sentences at random. Anything that comes to your mind. Come on, don't think.'
I, had I been a soccer player, would've been more prepared for a landmine in the pitch. In all of the 2007 that's passed by, I've never felt a dumber chump than that minute as I clucked out sentences like 'The electric fan is rotating', 'I am rubbing my hands' and that lot.

Math Class Committee Meeting
The Department Head delivered a flat preamble in the dimly lit discussion room and asked, 'How are your courses going till date?'
'Fine', we mumbled.

'MA 203?'
'Fine', said MA 203's rep.
'MA 204?'
'MA 205?'
He turned towards me.
'Smooth', I half-whispered.
After that the conference, dozen persons strong, progressed on predictable tracks save for the fact that the other MA 205 chap betrayed his batch's instructor. Towards the end the H.O.D. said, 'Any more questions?'
'Yes. Why is it that Nikhil and I alone got tea while all others got coffee?' was in my Adam's apple, but I silently swallowed it down with the tea.
Nothing came out from the talks held.

Nirmal: Are you attending G slot?
Moli Kamki: No.
Nirmal: I too don't feel like attending. Anyway the prof doesn't take attendance plus he's getting to be too boring these days...
Moli: I haven't seen the prof yet.

3 Obiter dicta:

Blogger unni krishnan couldn't resist being opinionated thus:

"the times are comic" i agree....
though we spend far less time planning "walk out's", a pity, i must say. though there is no point in it, i suppose, when we dont have classes to walk out from. we spend more time drinking cofee with our teachers in our beloved canteen, than in our classes doing what is usually done; and about that there is a saying in my college,
"we pretend to study here, becasue they pretend to teach us"

11:10 PM  
Anonymous Capital N irmal Capital R aj couldn't resist being opinionated thus:

Akin to our insti...
Minus the coffee-drinking with instructors (I cannot elevate them by calling them 'teachers').

6:57 PM  
Blogger Srinand couldn't resist being opinionated thus:

last conversation was lolax.....
i envy moli.... he rocks....

7:02 PM  

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