Poor Jokes


What did junta say when Mr Goodman was sacked?
   That it was a fitting punishment.
Why did Michelangelo refuse to deliver us an EML?
   He was told the lecture was extra-mural.
Why did the IIT-ian refuse the top position in the Army?
   It was a Gen job.
Why did he decide to take up a job in a Japanese bank?
   'Yen cash are there...'
How come he didn't land that job despite slogging diligently and converting all days to work-days?
   He never had proper fun-days.
An election in the insti or hostel is a secs-change operation. (courtesy: Nikhil)
How is ISM Dhanbad luckier than us?
   All they do is miner courses.
What is the difference between a prospective undertaker and a dead-serious Mysorean?
   One will dig a grave, the other is a grave Dig.
How is the polar bear better than MS Windows?
    Polar bears continually crash only in winters.
How did the Elec prof find complete job-satisfaction by becoming the bartender at Gurunath Nescafe spot?
   Now he could give EVERYBODY a cup.


Why did our cricketers apply for membership in other national teams?
   They were bored of control for cricket in India. 

How did Proxima Centauri console its infant neighbour when it didn't clear the filming auditions?
   'Cheer up, my sun. Some day you will be a great star.'

Using cribs during examinations is thirteenth hour preparations.
'Veni, vidi, veni'
  -- Drooler at Miss Universe pageant
Excerpt from the diary of an underground water-table: 'I am getting bored these days...'

Name one left-handed Indian batman.
   Gotham Gambhir.