Parting Words

[Words behind an asterisk do not belong to this lexicon, strictly speaking.]

Speech of praise given by a company, directed toward itself, in a commercial break

A situation that, due to one getting charged up, spoils a positive setting

Pharmacist who at any given time has a packet of medical marijuana on him

Settling of a sharing dispute by allotting each party a measure chosen at random

The quality of working your buttocks off. Not one, but both of them

A mixer of drinks who switches off the pub television when the Simpsons show comes on

caprice [economics]
Unpredictability in the MRP of staple grains

castrate [as quoted in The Directors' Manual]
To emasculate a film production company by making a movie with actors demanding astronomical pays

Ecological disaster that ensues by killing large numbers of lions, leopards, &c. in view of turning them into prized possessions

centrally [politics]
With the national government, a policy citizens oppose by gathering in multitudes and contributing copper pennies toward the cause

A variety of cigars threatening to overtake its native counterpart in Cuba. They gained in popularity when Castro revealed that Guevara approved of them.

(1) To restrict a prisoner's movements, causing him or her psychological difficulties
(2) To hold back an optimistic plan by rattling off a long list of demerits in it
(3) To confine to one's residence all day on account of a ceaseless thunderstorm

Scheme to get back at a feudal aristocrat by sabotaging his expensive fur

Reduction to a primitive or savage state

Reduction to complete depravity. Considered ten times malicious as decivilization

Reflected carefully as to the surprise ingredient in the sandwich your impatient customer ordered after directing unflattering remarks towards you

The chemicals that make men loathe to do the laundry

Literally, to speak out against a cat that never leaves its abode. A political metaphor used to protest against a government's refusal to trade.

Find that the music stopped a while back

Supernatural. Doubly creepy.

Never attending lectures but erupting like a volcano in the exam to end up topping the class on account of having untiringly toiled like a colony insect in the confines of one's hostel room

enterprising [sales and marketing]
Marked by the willingness to embark on imaginative ways of opening one's customers' wallets up by force

A cattle beast that's a cross between a horse and a bovine, which slaves 12 hours a day with its eyes open and 12 hours closed

Outrageously offensive in the way a speech of excessive emotion delivered at Independence/Republic Day meetings is

In a courtly, established manner, aimed to make comrades

A tendon that amateur radio operators often injure by making a quick dash to their transceivers when they beep

Causing deep anguish by making one come to know of current societal tendencies

Characterized by an abundance not easily duplicated

The problems of dealing with children who are at once mischievous and moronic, for which no known solutions exist

Incapable, as construed from a species of astrology involving pushing Scrabble letters around, of issue

An opportunity to exercise the noble deed of uttering what your listener wishes to hear and burying your own opinion

That which cannot be taught in tuition [courtesy: YSP]

Brief in speech, as practised by certain habitants of an otherwise talkative Paris. Such as mentioned are said to be afflicted with eccentricity

The non-definition printed in self-respecting dictionaries owing to plainness of meaning

The murder of several people after putting them all within certain sq. yards of land

He that claims inability to set right his life to defend his beggary

methought [archaic, humourous]
'It struck me that'
Eg.: Methought an amphetamine should do the trick.

(1) [of a person] Catching one's attention for complete want of aptitude
(2) [of a room] Catching one's attention for complete want of furniture

An unexpected Ashes victory by England. The English claim no surprise on an overturn because the container of the original ashes displays, indisputably, the names of only their cricketers.

overlooking [as defined for gentlemen]
Glancing down upon the tile patterns, as an emperor upon his courtiers, while seated on the commode

peeking [as defined for gentlemen]
Glancing down upon the tile patterns, as an emperor upon his courtiers, while not seated on the commode

Making a fruitful search on the Internet in order to go to the depths of some matter

A rough draft of The Raven

To make a second coming as a fruit does upon being plucked

Bring an overfunctioning extraction plant to its original efficiency by pausing the mining process

Adamant about leaving a wikipedia article short after creating it

All sorts of clothes on a line

In a playfully mocking manner
Eg.: To drive home the atrocity of his prices, the three of us teasingly ordered merely one glass of beverage from Nair

Momentary as the reading in a thermometer taken out of your mouth

Describing the three or less casual relationships a person is allowed to have prior to marriage without seriously damaging it

Pertaining to something you would not like to happen to your child

Relating to the destructivity of the Indian top order, a quality it owes to its opener

Collective name for the sounds a lover of the past makes as he enters a WWII museum

An aircraft that, by virtue of flying faster than Superman, causes his girlfriend to lose interest in him

To remove the underperformers from a side in pursuit of an immediate turnover of fortunes


3 Obiter dicta:

Blogger Varun N. Achar couldn't resist being opinionated thus:

Reminds me of a random riddle that I pained my friend with recently:

Q: How would you describe the birth of someone who doesn't spring from parents but rather just appears spontaneously?

A: Apparent.

2:28 AM  
Anonymous Durga couldn't resist being opinionated thus:

Interesting! My favourites: discover, dormant, reappear, sundry, virulent, winnow

9:50 PM  
Blogger Poornima couldn't resist being opinionated thus:

Hahaha :D I liked Formally, and loved Vilization :D

10:14 PM  

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