Strips II

Mixed Signals


Press Charges
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Sharp Tongue

(Title inadvertently suggested by AJ and Shyamala)


His Advice to Youngsters -- Always Play with Soft Hands. Maintain a Sound Technique.

(Acc. to Durga, a parallelism between the two was previously explored in ARR's Fan Club)

Jayavel recently rang out for a posse to collaborate on a webcomic. I joined him and his friend in the attempt. Please take a gander; if it appeals to you, spread the word.

Here are some fine places to start:

2 Obiter dicta:

Anonymous Durga couldn't resist being opinionated thus:

I seriously wonder if people follow this rule of switching off all electronic devices. I somehow get this feeling, especially with people who don't know how to switch it off (there are quite a lot of them flying).

LOL at Electromagnetic gimmicks :D
As an aside, the F word makes an appearance. Is this a first in your blog?

And finally, some links from our fan club:

(Couldn't resist putting it all down ;) )

1:26 PM  
Blogger Marlin Jar couldn't resist being opinionated thus:

This is the third time the f-word appears in this blog. But technically, I never used it -- the first two times I was quoting someone and now there's an asterisk :-)
Thanks for the lovely URL's. Waugh's speech was a peach!

10:47 PM  

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