Little Mortinsen

Now Mortinsen saw an octopus
She behaved very odd
Pray, boy, and make no fuss,
Said the cephalopod
See the pistol in this tentacle?
You, young man, I've been sentacle
Mortinsen scowled, Mortinsen sighed 
Mortinsen stood there glassy-eyed 
His head was elsewhere, his eyes saw through she 
He absently picked the gun and made some sushi
Mortinsen met a tramp whose vapours
With everyone disagreed
He walked about reading newspapers
They called him Encyclopede
Do you know about, Mortinsen, sneered he,
What are your thoughts on and heard of the?
Mortinsen stretched, Mortinsen bent
Mortinsen did not know where he went
He removed his earphones and asked for directions
And healed the poor tramp of his omniscience 
Mortinsen encountered a pterodactyl
It alighted on his bed
Apparently, sir, I'm a fossil,
The angry reptile said
Every time I take a nap a few million years pass
This time I wake to find me displayed under glass
Mortinsen squinted, Mortinsen yawned
The pterodactyl Mortinsen gazed beyond
When at last he saw it he once or twice blinked,
Fed it some birdseed and made it extinked

Mortinsen dashed into a troika of dots
Their talk was elliptic
They had no more than two or three thoughts
All apocalyptic
The planet, they cried, is becoming ovoid,
It'll hatch one morning that none can avoid
Mortinsen grunted, Mortinsen scratched
The bombast of the dots he hadn't catched 
He leaned forward, put his lips near 'em,
Whispered So? and disproved their theorem
Mortinsen came upon four little boys
They looked just as him
They had even his coiffure and voice
Three of them were dim
"Mortinsen, I your doppelgänger", "Mortinsen, you my clone",
"Our time machine works, Morty!", "Ich? Ein tzwin of your own"
Mortinsen mumbled, Mortinsen frowned
Mortinsen smiled and jot something downed
He pranced home with joy, his soul blithe as bubbles
And cut off his big toe to tell him from his doubles