The G.P.S. that Misdirects

(Just some grammatically correct sentences.)

With Monty Pythonesque airspeed velocity, the unladen swallow shoots supplied by the knights. 

The elf who sees the inconsolable snake shedding tears it.

In the garden of blooming buds and blood-red blossoms, the beautiful rose to go.

Catch the northbound train huskies.

At the china shop we saw the pretty Taiwanese mug and the shiny Japanese bowl to the same person.

Unlike the introverted kind, the outgoing type single-handedly.

Light years from now may bend round a star. 

The weekly laundrymen sit and read is published Mondays.  

As the cyclone approaches, the powerful wind a watch.

The fat but well-dressed Nepali digests plant a flag in the bookshelf after coming to life. 

In autumn and winter spring summer birds to Vladivostok. 

I spoke in Swahili and the Canadian spoke in the language of Lithuania is 'spindulys'.

The first child in a family is always a joy to hold and behold, but the second children begin to speak more articulately should be taped.

The broad shoulders carried cheerled.

See the wikipedia piece on garden path sentences; browsing through its garden path sentences one to an evening in its honeyed prison.

Tip of the turban to Shyamala for the title.